Friday, October 8, 2010

Your Chance to Make a Difference at Daisy

My fundraising proposal has been approved by the FSD San Francisco office. This means you get the chance to participate in my project!

I am requesting that YOU contribute to my Farming and Horticulture Vocational Training Program. Whatever you can give will make a huge difference.

Here are some of the costs. Can you spare a few bucks to purchase one??? Do you know someone who would be interested in helping??? Click the "Donate" button to the right to contribute.

Animal Keeping
Multivitamin Injections: $4.00
Napier Grass Seeds: $13.33
Mineral Salts: $17.77
Vet Bill: $33.33
Some materials to renovate the shed: $50.00
Cow: $533

Garden Planting
12 Spring Onion Bundles: $2.66
Machete: $4.00
Irish Potato Seeds: $6.80
Green Gram Seeds: $12.26
50 Collard Seedlings: $13.33
Fertilizer: $40.00

You can also see my project at:

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