Monday, October 4, 2010

Preparation and Patience

This morning I arrived at Daisy to a very nice surprise. The hired labor was already at work tilling the soon-to-be garden. They started on Saturday, took a break Sunday, and were hard at work again this morning. They are three young men. When I originally started my planning for this program, the staff told me that 3 labors could clear the land in as little as 5 days. I laughed, thinking they were joking. They told me to “wait and see”. They have proved me wrong. These men have cleared about half of the land in two days. We are hoping to have it finished ahead of schedule, on Thursday. That way some of the students can go through and pull out the excess rubbish in preparation for the seeds.
The next step in the process is planting the napier grass seeds (feed for the cow) so that it will be ready within the next three months. When we get the cow we will be relying on grass from the compound and some that we will pay for before the napier grass grows tall enough. The sooner we get the napier grass seeds in the ground, the sooner we can cut another cost.
This program could take off as soon as tomorrow. However, we have to wait for funding. My contribution to the program of $200.00USD will be implemented later this week for the cow shed renovations. I am hoping to raise the additional $685.00USD by October 22. I will put up more information on donating later this week once my budget is approved by FSD. Please take time to consider contributing to this program. If you need more information, email me at I can guarantee the money put towards this development project will be extremely beneficial. I will show you direct results of your involvement in the program.

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  1. Sign me up! If ever need a cow I know who to talk to! I'm glad you're so knowledgeable. :-P Sometimes Kenyan Time kicks you in the pants eh? :-)