Friday, October 22, 2010

Another day in the 'shamba'

This week was much different than the previous. The beginning of the week was filled with meetings about the budget and investment from Daisy. On Wednesday we celebrated Mashujaa (Heros) Day, so no school. I also celebrated far surpassing my fundraising goal. On Thursday I did some research on cow sheds in the area by visiting some local schools and homes that keep multiple cows. It gave me a better perspective on exactly how well constructed Daisy’s shed is.

Today I held a meeting with the administration and we have cut the cow shed renovation costs in more than half! I am very excited. Our grounds man has started making some repairs to the sleeping area. Next week, once the ‘Farming Contract’ that I am constructing is signed by Daisy and FSD staff, we will hire a fundi to make the final preparations for a cow. I am currently researching the best available cows in the area. We want to keep it local, so I will be contacting several farmers next week, looking at their record, and bargaining a price. We hope to have a cow by my final week.

Also, today we spent about an hour with Standards 7 and 8 in the shamba. They did great work. They learned how to plant napier grass that will soon feed the cow. They always have so much fun, it is enjoyable just to watch them learn and engage. I am afraid of safari ants, so I can’t say I am digging in so much…maybe next week!

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