Friday, October 8, 2010

The Week Ends with a Clap of Thunder

If you have been reading the previous posts, you already know that the rain makes everything a little bit harder to accomplish here in Kakamega. The roads are dirt, which turn to mud, and make it almost impossible to get anywhere by foot. This afternoon I was to head into Kakamega Town to buy the necessary supplies for planting next week. However, with one very loud clap of thunder, those plans changed quickly. Nevertheless, today was very productive.

This morning I met several very nice workers at KARI (Kenya Agricultural Resource Institute) to discuss my initiative. I gave them an overview of the plan I had for Daisy and they were thrilled to hear them. They are hopeful and see the program as being very beneficial to the school, as well as the community once produce is being sold. We ran over my budget, which was right on, except for a few missing things. You know what that means, either cutting back, or encouraging Daisy to fundraise as well.

The head teacher has been gone this week, so many decisions have yet to be made. Once these decisions are made, I will have a better handle on the timeline for the remainder of my time at Daisy. I look forward to his return so that we can really get the ball rolling. If the rains don’t stop us up next week, at least three crops will be in the ground by the weeks end.

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  1. Good job keeping up the work while the rain tries to tie you down!