Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cow Research

Today is not over for me. It was the busiest day I have had since arriving in Kenya. I just want to give a brief update before I get back to work. Today I went into the field with KARI (Kenya Agricultural Research Institute). We had sourced some cows from local farmers and wanted to check them out. Our first stop was unsuccessful. The farmer was asking way out of our price range.
We then headed to Malava, a neighboring town. After hiking up a hill a bit, we arrived at a small farm. A cow was brought out. After a long negotiation, we think we have found our cow. Tomorrow we will go to a nearby town market to pick her up. If all is successful, she will be at Daisy by the afternoon. Good news is: tomorrow is Parent's Day. Maybe they will have a chance to see the fruits of our labor!
We are having the cow shed renovated Thursday and Friday, so she will have to sleep outside for two nights, nothing she isn't used too.
Wish me luck!

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