Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Focus on Tailoring

I spent most of the day today in the tailoring classroom. I was going over the needs of the program. We created a budget and talked with a fundi (skilled worker) about the cost of repairing the 8 idle machines, and restoring the 2 working ones. The bottom line was much higher than I had thought. I am going to negotiate a lower price of labor with the fundi. If that does not work, maybe we will look at only fixing a few at a time.
This project will not be carried out by me. I am just setting up a plan for Daisy to use in the future, when funds are available to spend on revamping the tailoring vocation (hopefully, funds from my garden project will help out!).
Also, we are still holding meetings regarding the animal keeping project. We are trying to cut costs to make it more viable and sustainable for Daisy. We should be settled by the end of the week.
Tomorrow is Market Day. That is, we will go to the market in the afternoon if the rains hold off. Yay!

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