Saturday, October 30, 2010

What A Week!

This week started out very slowly. In fact, on Tuesday I was getting worried about accomplishing everything that I wanted to before I leave. Wednesday changed everything. Wednesday was going to be a normal day but turned out to be much more. We hired a fundi to renovate the cow shed. I went to several different farms to look at cows. I even went out to Malava (about an hour away) to view a cow in a small countryside village. Turns out that is the cow we ended up buying. I spent that evening running back and forth from school and home to discuss purchasing that cow on Thursday. We needed to act fast because they were going to sell her at the market the next morning. We decided to leave early and purchase her on Thursday.
Thursday morning came around and we headed to Labao. We found our friends and bought the cow. We walked 12km back to Kakamega in the hot sun. It was quite the experience. We arrived just in time for Parent's Day.
The Parent's got to see our new cow. I gave a brief presentation on my project and my hopes for the school. They were all very appreciative. I asked them to encourage their students and to continue the program through their financial investments once I am gone.
On Friday, I gave the same short speech to the Board of Governors who are definitely happy about the program. They will be there to support it when I leave. Everyone is very pleased!
These next two weeks will be full of meetings and signing documents. I will wrap up my work on the garden and then leave it in the hands of Daisy. They will do great!

It has been requested that I show where the fundraised money is going. Here is a breakdown of cost so far. The money that I have left will go to purchase a few remaining items for the garden. The remaining money I am trying to encourage the school to use to pay the groundsman extra. He will now have to come in 7 days a week to care for the cow, versus his usual 5 days. Unfortunately, because this is seen as his "duty" as a groundsman, he will not get a salary increase. I want to change that. I will let you know if it works out.

Animal Keeping
Cow $440
Stock Sale Fee $6.67
Permit to Move Fee $0.67
Market Fee (Entry) $0.40
Spray $36.67
Spray Pump $62.67
High Phosphous Salt $19.73
Multivitamin Injection $3.33
Milking Jelly (500g) $18
Desmodium $2.66
Dairy Meal (3 bags/1@1300) $156.00
Sweet Potato Vines $1.33
Grass $20
Medicine (Adamiacine) $3.73
Vet Bill $4


Cow Shed Renovation
Materials (see breakdown) $60.00
Transportation of materials $5.33
Labor $32.00


Materials (Cow Shed)
Nails $5.33
Cement $36.00
Waterproof Cement $6.67
PVC Pipe $12.00


Garden Planting
Labor $40
Panga $3.47
Watering Can $4.93
Rake $2.66
Slasher $1.87
Fertilizer (DAP) $39.47
Pesticides $19.73
Collards $4.80
Cow Peas $6.67
Spring Onions $2.13
Avocado $2.66
Green Grams (6kg) $11.60
Irish Potatoes $6.80
Sutza $4.00
Saga $4.00

Cow Research $40.00
Fertilizer Transport $0.40
Napier Grass Seed Transport/Cutting $8.67
Desmodium Transport $1.33
Seed Transport $3.73
Grass Transport $72
Transportation $22.67


Log Book $2


TOTAL $1,179.13

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  1. WOW! What an endeavor! I don't know how you have become a farmer but, I'm excited for you. Good work! Thanks for updating us!