Monday, October 11, 2010


The gardening project officially began as of today. On Saturday, some of the boarders spent time in the garden making holes for the anticipated arrival of the napier grass seeds later this week. 15 were made, and more will be completed as the week goes on. Getting the napier grass in the ground is imperative to having enough feed when the cow is purchased. We were supposed to have the seeds this morning but we are waiting to see if Christine, from RODI, can find some cheaper, but quality seedlings. After all, cutting costs is important, but quality is even of greater importance.
I went into town to buy the essential materials for the garden. I purchased a watering can, slasher, rake (we still need to get the handle), panga (machete), fertilizer, and pesticides. This was very exciting for me because it means the beginning of the project. It means that all my planning is actually a reality now. I cannot wait to use each of these items, and even more excited to see the children working with them in their garden.
As far as the animal keeping project goes, we are looking over the budget again. As I met with different organizations last week, the budget grew. We will assess what is necessary and what can hold off for a bit. Daisy has assured me that they are extremely invested in this program and will do what they can to invest financially. I will update you later in the week after I meet with the staff and we decide on some figures.

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