Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Productive Day

As I walked home from a meeting with Isabel, a member of the FSD site team, enjoying the Kenyan sunset this evening, I rejoiced at the amount of work I accomplished today. I began the day with a blank screen in front of me. As the day progressed, it filled with facts, figures, and a plan proposal.
Looking at the work plan and budget, I realize we have a lot of work still to do, but the groundwork has been laid. I am impressed by the investment that the Daisy Special School has made in our project. As I crunched numbers and asked questions about achieving our goal of creating a garden and obtaining a cow for the school, the staff quickly got to work on answering them. I originally thought that there was a lack of communication between me and the staff, however I found today that I am very wrong. The staff is onboard with my idea and already working on hiring labors and quoting repairs to the cow shed. Kudos to the Daisy staff!
I am very excited about this project. Tomorrow I will be introducing it to the children and begin working on clearing the cow shed. The project will cost more than expected, but I know that it will be achievable with the proper support.
Please check back for updates. These next days are crucial to getting the program up and running.


  1. Yea! It sounds like you are having much more success with your planning & projects than I am with mine. Keep up the great work.

    Love ya Pookie!


  2. Wow Jackie! That sounds so awesome. I have to say that your posts are eloquent, thoughtful, and well written-like they were done by a college student or something. What's up with that? :-) That means AWESOME job. I'm so impressed and inspired with your spirit to serve others and the skills you have to do so. Good luck!~T