Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is only the beginning

My week of observation at Daisy is done. I have identified so many opportunities. However, I need to focus in on one. I have chosen to expand the vocational training sector for the special classes. I want to utilize the resources that the school currently has, begin a self-sustaining income generating project, and teach students the value of nutrition and conservation. Therefore, if my supervisor approves it, I will start a Farming and Horticulture Vocational Training course.

Let me explain.

My observations include:
-Students enjoy manual work and teaching
-There is an interest in expanding the school ‘shamba’ (large garden)
-There are teachers available with the knowledge to teach the care of a farm
-Smaller class sizes means more attention to the remaining students
-A shamba will be useful to the school in many ways, including cost cutting and/or income generating for future vocations
-The school has many resources (cow shed, time, labor, tools, water, land, etc.)
-Learning opportunities (nutrition and conservation)

The Vocation will include:
-Expansion of the garden. Currently they have Pawpaw and avocado trees. I would like to have more practical produce planted. Tomatoes, kales, and onions are a few that the cooks have identified they could use to prepare meals for the students.
-Clearing the cow shed, currently used as storage, to make space for a cow or goat. The milk can be used for meal preparation as well.
-Purchasing a couple of chickens for egg production. These can be sold or used.
-A training on nutrition and conservation.

Why this development will be sustainable:
-It expands the vocational sector
-Students will be able to apply their study of nutrition and farming practically
-The school will benefit from the food grown (either sold or used for meals)
-The resources are already there, the program just needs to be jump-started
-The entire school can be involved and held accountable for its up-keep

I am very excited about getting the project started. I have a meeting with my supervisor this week to discuss a timeline and budget. I will update you after I get word. Please give me your feedback, ask questions, etc. I would love to tell you more about Daisy. It is a very unique place to work!

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