Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Week Down

I left one week ago for my adventures in Kenya. I passed through Amsterdam, navigated the public transit system, and visited the Anne Frank Museum. I arrived in Kisumu on Saturday ready to start everything. Graham, another intern, was with the Program Director, Peter, to greet me. My luggage was missing. We quickly tracked it to Amsterdam. I will be able to pick it up tomorrow. I am very excited about that. I have been wearing the same variety of clothes for a week now.
Orientation has been going very well. I am anxious about getting into my host organization and seeing where I can be helpful. We are staying at Sheywe Guest House, “the hub of luxury”, which is very nice. Things will change drastically when I am with my host family though. I will meet the Mulindi Family on Saturday. I am ready to get settled and become a member of Kakamega.

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