Monday, April 19, 2010

Passport Photos and Flights

So I still have yet to book my tickets. It may sound like I am procrastinating a bit, which is about 5% of the reason. However the price is fluctuating everyday so I am waiting for the best possible time. I am going to set a goal though. I want to have my tickets booked by May 1st.
I also am glad that I did not purchase tickets when I originally planned because after talking to Adam, my contact at FSD, I found out that I am not supposed to fly into Nairobi but Kisumu. This is an unexpected extra $400 hour-long flight. Not only is that unfortunate, but will make my travel days just that much longer. It sure will be an adventure.
For an update on my visa: I went to Walgreens the other day and had two more photos taken to send in with all my other documentation. I am that much closer to getting that sent off.
Once my tickets are purchased and my visa is in my hand, a huge weight will be lifted. After that, medication is the next on my list to take care of.

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