Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have been searching for flights for weeks now. The other night I had Orbitz pulled up on my computer and just before I got into bed I updated the search results for my flight from PDX to Kisumu. The price was the lowest I have seen. I did not want to pass the offer up, so I took it. I have my tickets booked for September 9 to November 14! Here is my itinerary:

(SEPT. 9) PDX~1:30pm to AMS~8:30am
AMS~8:40pm to NBO~6:15am
NBO~8:00am to KIS~8:45am (SEPT.11)

(NOV.14) KIS~6:20pm to NBO~7:05pm
NBO~10:50pm to AMS~5:30am
AMS~10:30am to PDX 12:00pm (NOV.15)

Tyson recommended that I take a tour of Amsterdam on my 12 hours layover. I was thinking about it. I'll keep you filled in on those plans.

I am off to work on my visa paperwork now. More updates to come...

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