Monday, June 21, 2010

The start of many beautiful things!

My first two weeks at the IRC are complete. I am settled into my new home. This means it is time to job search, prepare for Kenya, and navigate numerous grad school websites for more information.
I am home sick today with food poisoning (I think?!) so I am taking the time to get a head start on my "To-Do" list. I registered my trip to Kakamega with the US Embassy. A few clicks of a button and I already feel like my trip is more secure :)I sent my visa application on Friday to Washington DC. I checked my FedEx tracking this morning and it has already arrived. Now I just have to wait for my passport to come back with my visa enclosed. I am excited.
That is the update for now. Off to write emails to my list of grad schools.

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  1. That's more productive than I've ever been post-poisoning. Cheers to ya!