Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oregonian Article

About a two months ago I received an email about a writer from the Oregonian that was interested in covering a piece on 2009 graduates that have had a hard time finding jobs. Immediately I knew I had to be a part of his story. I emailed him with a bit of information about myself. Soon after he scheduled an interview with me. He asked me all about the past year including how I felt about my current situation. I told him exactly how the year went down and how disappointed I was with it. He comforted me by saying that he had heard many stories just like mine which was his inspiration for writing the story. However, he seemed to be really impressed by my story in particular. He asked if he could send a photographer to my work to get a couple of shots for the article. I agreed. After a rough day last day of work with a man taking pictures of me the entire time (just about my least favorite thing in the world!), the article is finally out. Take a look:


  1. You made our Noteworthy Students board in the Counseling office again. The teachers at OCHS wish you well & are impressed with what you are doing.

  2. Go Girl! It was a great article. And your picture is so big on the front page! Haha! You look/are great :)