Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Public Health-->Enivornmental Sustainability-->Women's Rights...yes, they are related!

I first heard about the LifeStraw in an International Studies class a few years ago. Our group assignment was to discuss various aspects of the UN MDG's. One group had researched this fascinating product and briefly mentioned it in their presentation. At the time, I was impressed by the capabilities of modern technology and a dedicated team of professionals to create such a product. Now, I may have the chance to join the ambitious public health campaign trail taking place throughout Kenya. I will aid in spreading the word about the effectiveness of simple, healthy life-style changes and life-changing abilities of products such as the LifeStraw.
I think the creators explain it best! Check it out:
Through the use of the Straw, carbon emissions will be decreased due to the reduced reliance of coal and firewood to boil and clean disease-ridden water. Without the need for such fuel, most often collected by women, their time will be freed up for alternative activities such as education. Educating women has proven to reduce the number of children she has, and allows her to take better control of her sexual health.
Just another example of how an isolated event can effect a community in a variety of ways!!!
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