Friday, March 26, 2010

A change in plans

I have not posted in a while with good reason. I promise to update you more often from now on. My reasoning is due to the recent changes in my plans. I have chosen to postpone my trip to Kenya until September. Along with this change, I have chosen to go for a shorter period of time. I will be in Kakamega for nine weeks instead of the originally planned fifty two. This is not quite what I had planned but I am still very excited about this opportunity.

There will be no changes in my internship, other than the duration. I will still be taking a position with a local nonprofit to work on a sustainable community development project. Let me give you a breakdown of the new costs.

Program fees: $4,192 vs. $12,283
Airfare: $1,700 vs. $2,600
Visa: $50
Insurance: $500 vs. ~$750
Extra: $1,000 vs. $2,000
Total: $7442 vs. $17,683

I want to use every penny wisely and still be able to live this dream. Hence the changes to my plans. I still have a way to go to raise the necessary funds, but this is a much more manageable number. I am still raising money so, please continue to get the word out about my cause. Put people in contact with me, please!

THANK YOU again for encouraging and supporting me through this process.

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