Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting in touch

I have been having such a hard time getting in touch with my contact at FSD lately. Finally, today, I was able to talk to him for the first time in weeks. It was so good to have some of my questions answered. Planning a trip like this consumes all of my thoughts, causing millions of questions to pop up daily. Having no way to keep track of them all, I often feel overwhelmed and lost. Adam, the East Africa program coordinator, was so helpful! Every time we do talk, he motivates me to keep going!
Thanks ADAM!
Not only did his answers to my question make my day so much better, but when he told me I had received my first 3 donations I almost cried. After months and months of being denied for jobs and grants, I started loosing my focus. I would question why I wanted to do this internship. But having all of you believe in me keeps me going. So...


  1. Alright! See! People love you and think you rock! We all wish we had the guts to do what you're doing Jax.

  2. Yeah! Congrats :)

    Ditto on what T said :)